You have probably seen a lot of deciduous trees, especially if you live in a neighborhood filled with trees. For those who don’t know, if a tree has leaves that fall off at the end of every growing period, they are considered as deciduous. The leaves on deciduous trees are flat and wide.  

You can find deciduous trees in a lot of yards. However, you’ve got to keep in mind that you’ll have to deal with leaves on the ground since they do lose a lot of leaves. Also, if you want to maintain them, you’ll need the help of a Tree Service San Antonio

Here are a couple of deciduous trees for your lawn: 

Dawn Redwood 

Dawn redwood trees have a growth rate of around 2 feet every year. You have to plant them in a soil that drains well and is a bit acidic. You will also have to plant them in a sunny area. 

Dawn redwood stands at a height of around 60 up to 100 feet high whenever this tree reaches its complete maturity.  

Tulip Tree 

Tulip trees grow at a rapid rate when they are still young. But, their growth slows to a medium rate as they get older. Tulip trees require a lot of space to grow. Thus, they are ideal for huge lawns. Tulip trees are best planted in soil that is a bit acidic, deep, and moist. They also require full sun. 

Freeman Maple 

Almost every maple tree is a deciduous tree. However, the freeman maple grows more rapidly compared to the others. Freeman maple grows 2 up to 3 feet every year with great soil and excellent precipitation. It’s ideal to plant this tree in a sunny place.  

One variety of this tree is the autumn blaze maple. This type of tree grows very rapidly for a maple tree. Usually, the rate of growth is around 3 feet every year. Autumn blaze maples grow to a height a little smaller than a standard freeman maple. 

Hybrid Poplar 

Cottonwood, commonly known as the hybrid poplar, is one of the fastest-growing trees that you can plant in your lawn. The average growth rate of this tree is around 5 to 8 feet every year. You can even harvest this tree for its firewood 7 up to 10 years after germination. 

This tree reaches a height of 40 up to 50 feet tall if it is at its complete maturation. This makes it ideal for shade and privacy whenever it is completely leafed during the summer and spring.  

There are a lot of other deciduous trees that you can plant in your lawn. However, you need to keep in mind that these types of trees do lose their flowers and leaves during fall. This means that you’ll have to do a lot of tree and lawn maintenance that you might not have to do with other types of trees. Fortunately, you should not worry a lot since an arborist can help you with all your tree needs.