Adult Day Center (ADC)

Our ADC program is a place for
adults with disabilities to learn daily
living skills and become productive
members of their communities.

Kitchen Center
In our large double kitchen, clients learn how to cook and clean in the kitchen safely.
Home Living Center
In this area clients learn proper conversation etiquette, as well as how to properly set a table, how to do laundry, etc.
Fitness Center
Clients learn how to take care of their bodies through exercise, eating healthy, and making good decisions.
Drama Center
Our Drama room is a place where clients learn about their creative side and express themselves through art, plays,
music, and poetry.
Computer Center
We currently have 4 computers in this area with skill building programs to fit the novice to expert computer user.
Finance Center
In this area clients learn how to manage money, go grocery shopping, count out correct change, ect.
Work Activity Center (WAC)

Clients in our WAC program receive job training along with good work ethics.  They do an assortment of jobs such as:
Janitorial services
Recycling projects
Retail Store services
Sorting donations
Shredding services

If you are interested in our ADC or WAC programs please contact Alesia Sexton @ 479-471-5354 ext 210.